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Minix is a free, open-source, operating system designed to be highly reliable, flexible, and secure. It is based on a tiny microkernel running in kernel mode with the rest of the operating system running as a number of isolated, protected, processes in user mode. It runs on x86 and ARM CPUs, is compatible with NetBSD, and runs thousands of NetBSD packages.

Last Update: 2020-06-08

Linux FamilyDebian
Rolling ReleaseNo
Platformsamd64 and i386
Package ManagerAPT
Default UIXfce


Official Edition

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Minix 3 3.3.0 (x86)
Minix 3 3.3.0 (x86)
Released on: 2014-09-16

This version is for computers with a 32 bit architecture. It also works well in Virtual Machines.

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Is a distribution based on Ubuntu developed by System76 . It is designed and optimized for System76's computers, but is also available for the community as it's intended to be install on other hardware.
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