Affiliate Programs



In the coming days you might see appear on the website affiliate links. They will appear on the right sidebar (desktop) or bottom of the page (mobile). At most one affiliate link will appear per page and shall be identify with the mention "Affiliate" over the image/link.

What is an Affiliate Link?

To make it simple, it's a URL link that points to an online company/service which is willing to give money to the referer (in this case, us) if the user (in this case, you) makes a purchase.

How does it Work?

At the right part of the URL, a unique code identifies the referer (in this case, us). At its core, an affiliate link works with cookies. As the user (in this case, you) navigates the affiliate's website, the cookie keeps a trace from the referral's origin. Some cookies will stay active more than 24 hours on the user's system. This means that if the user goes back on the affiliate's website, it will still give attribution to the referer.

Once the user buys a product, the referer is given a percentage/quote of the transaction.

Why do we have Affiliate Links?

We are an independent company redistributing free and open-source products. Keeping this website up-to-date requires a lot of (wo)men work hours. We aim to be able to pay our employees so they can make a living by working for us.

We also aim to help financially the community and will redistribute a part of this income with amazing free and open-source projects.