Patrons and Objectives

We at FOSS Torrents love and support open-source projects. We offer (and will always offer) a free of cost service. We assure full transparency and focus to invest your funds for superior products and service.

Your funds will help to pay the cost of running this project. This includes domain name registrations, bandwidth, and electricity to run the server.

They will also help fund the development of new tools and assuring the latest up-to-date content for your favorite open-source projects.

We have set up several payment options that should hopefully suit everyone. Go on, be awesome, help grow our community.

Where will the money go?

Support the Project, Become a Part of It!

Patreon - Recurring Donations

Valuable Patron

Patron's Name Amount / Month
Capitano Juz $5
Kurt Kremitzki $3
Nitrux $3
PablO $5
Some Random Guy $3

Valuable Donors

Donations received in the last 12 months.
Donor's Name Amount
Aleksandra Krtinić $3
Bejamin Beganović $10
Colin Hutcheson $10
Francis Boyle $3
Dakota "Kai" Lyons $26
Dalton Durst $115
DuĊĦan Pavlik $10
Georg Meng $1.11
John Harrington $5
John Whelan $50
Mark Fuller $20
Murray Maynard $10
Pedro Andrade $7
Solange Desjardins $3
Tamas Nagy $15
Yee Fong $10

Note: One time donations are now divided by 12 and are now counting in our monthly goal. Thank you to all our contributors!


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Note: crypto-donations are anonymous and not listed on this page.