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A big thank you to all those listed below. You are helping us to run this project smoothly! Each and everyone of you is highly important to us!


Kurt Kremitzki



Solange Desjardins

Our Goals

We want to be transparent with you. Hosting this website in our office is quite expensive (about $80.00 for unlimited bandwidth every month, $8.50 in electricity and ruffly $1.00 for the domain name) but in a way we save money.

We also want to expand the team. As you probably saw, the website is not so good looking. Our developer does his best, but he's more of a prototype software developer than a UX expert. We want to hire a graphic expert to help us come up with a beautiful UI and UX.

The following is a breakdown of some monthly goals that we would like to reach. If you are able to spend a few coins each month, that would be greatly appreciated.



This allows us to remove the ads on our website. We are able to cover some of the very basic day to day costs.



This gives us enough to just get by each month. It pays for the Internet bandwidth, covers the electricity cost for running the server, and the domain name.



We will also be able to pay for the time of outside contractor who will help improve the look of the website.



This level allows us to pay one part time developer to continue maintain the website and its content.



Each month, we will give back 100$ to Free and Open-Source projects that we use and depend on.