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Ubuntu Web combines the power of Ubuntu & Firefox to give you a powerful, open source web OS.

What makes Ubuntu Web Special

Based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 (LTS), Ubuntu Web is designed to be a free and open-source alternative to Google's Chrome OS (present on Chromebook devices). It also aims to be an alternative to the Chromium OS project.

Rather than using Google Chrome/Chrome, Ubuntu Web uses Mozilla's Firefox web browser. It offers both support for Web apps and desktop Linux applications available in Ubuntu's software repositories.

Web apps are part of this distribution's DNA. As a user, you will get access to the Open Web Store which is an open-source web-app store specifically built for Ubuntu Web. By default, Anbox (for running Android apps), DTube (a video sharing platform), Mastodon, Twitter and Soundcloud Web apps are already installed for you.

Ubuntu Web comes with tools that allows the user to create and install its own web apps and publish them to the Open Web Store.


Current Editions

Brave Edition LogoBrave Edition - 20.04.4
Brave BIOS Edition  LogoBrave BIOS Edition - 20.04.4
Firefox Edition LogoFirefox Edition - 20.04.4
Firefox BIOS Edition LogoFirefox BIOS Edition - 20.04.4
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