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Phaser is a free open-source video game framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games.

Features Overview

Phaser was built inside the web browser ecosystem which allows you to create web based games. The team works hard to stay on-top of new changes to ensure new browser API are supported quickly.

It uses the HTML Canvas and WebGL renderer internally and will toggle between one another based on the browser support.

Phaser was built for Mobile web browsers first. If a feature doesn't perform well on them, the team doesn't add it to the library core. Desktop web browsers are also supported and you will be impress by its performance.

The core is limited to only the essential classes. Phaser comes with a built-in plugin system which can handle the user's own plugins and the one offered by the community.

They are users themselves. Phaser is a commercial company that develops games for their clients. They are constantly evolving and improving the product and will tackle bugs and pull requests quickly.

Input can come form a mouse, keyboard, touch-screen, and gamepad. It can even change mid-game without.

Visual Element Overview

Assets (images, sounds, sprite sheet, tilemaps, JSON data, XML) can be loaded with just one line of code. They all get automatically parsed and get stored in the global cache.

Sprites are at the core of every game. Phaser allows you to modify them as you need in order to create the perfect game. You can also group multiple sprites together. Group can then be used for collision with custom callback to handle the outcome.

Phaser comes with a built-in particle system which allows the user to create fun particle effects easily. Particles can be used for explosions, rain, fire, jet trail, etc.

A couple of lines of code is will allow you to load and render tilemaps which sprints can collide with. Phaser offers multiple functions that allows you to swap, replace, delete, add, and update tiles in the map in realtime.

Classic Sprite Sheets with fixed frame size, Texture Packer, Starling and Unity YAML can all be used to create animations in Phaser.


New Feature: Hybrid Torrents

Hybrid torrents support the BitTorrent V1 and V2 protocol. Its support is not well spread out yet so we recommend that you still use v1 (aka the "torrent" column).

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