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AxylOS a distribution based on Arch Linux centered on Wayland Compositors and focuses fully on tiling Windows Managers.

What makes AxylOS Special

Tiling Windows: It focuses fully on Wayland Compositors, so it can give you the best experience for advanced users.

Solid Software: Programs like foot, kitty, sddm, Hyprland, and NvChad comes preinstall.

Minimal Base: AxylOS is built on Arch Linux and follows the KISS principles, keeping the base system minimal yet flexible.

Windows Managers

Each window manager has its own color scheme. Choose one, or install as many as needed (they are in the repo but no updates are promised).

  • i3 the classic tiling window manager. i3-gaps adds gaps between windows.
  • bspwm a tiling window manager that represents a full binary tree.
  • dwm a dynamic window manager by suckless. Axyl uses chadwm, from the creator of NvChad.
  • XMonad a dynamic window manager written and configured in Haskell.
  • Qtile, Spectrwm, LeftWM, and more...


New Feature: Hybrid Torrents

Hybrid torrents support the BitTorrent V1 and V2 protocol. Its support is not well spread out yet so we recommend that you still use v1 (aka the "torrent" column).

Current Edition

BSD (11)
Debian (17)
Gentoo (2)
Redhat (7)
Suse (4)
Ubuntu (29)
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