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Linux Distribution: Download CalinixOS Torrents

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CalinixOS is a fast, lightweight, and performance oriented operating system based on Arch Linux.

What makes CalinixOS Special

Calinix comes with Calamares, an easy to use graphical interface for installing the OS on your system.

By default, CalinuxOS will use Btrfs for it's file system, but it can be change during the installation process. Btrfs allows the user to take snapshot (manually and automatically) which can be useful to backtrack in case the system gets into an unstable state.

Calinix ships with the Awesome window manager with the beautiful California skin.

The Calinix team is constantly developing custom apps for their project. Alpha 6, comes with Iris a custom CLI tool to change the desktop background. It consumes about 10 MB of RAM.


Current Edition

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Stable 0.6.6 (x86_64)
Stable 0.6.6 (x86_64)
Released on: 2021-12-10
Official Torrent created by FOSS Torrents in partnership with CalinixOS' team.
Debian (15)
Gentoo (2)
Redhat (6)
Suse (3)
Ubuntu (29)
BSD (11)
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