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Potabi Systems is a derivative of a sister project, CoreNGS, which is a derivative of FreeBSD, as well as components from other BSD-branded systems, and Illumos.

What makes Potabi Systems Special

This distribution wants to fix issue the Linux's viral license issues that makes a lot of companies (i.e. Nvidia) more hesitant to support Linux, whether it'd be in software, drivers, etc. Potabi solves this issue by allowing developers to continue using their license model of choice.

Potabi aims to be a supportive ecosystem, that allows the best of open-source to work with - not against - the big names in proprietary software. Focusing on dependability, maintainability, simplicity, and sane structure are the core pillars of Potabi that Linux doesn't fufil. -- Potabi Systems


Current Edition

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Desktop Edition Beta 4 - 1.0A (x86_64)
Desktop Edition Beta 4 - 1.0A (x86_64)
Released on: 2021-11-28
While this is not a `pre release`, the developers do not consider this `production ready software` as it is still in early development. Beta 4 uses the Lumina desktop environment.
Official Torrent created by FOSS Torrents in partnership with Potabi's team.
BSD (11)
Debian (16)
Gentoo (2)
Redhat (6)
Suse (3)
Ubuntu (29)
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Is a desktop Linux distribution based on Linux Mint's main edition. It ships with the Cinnamon desktop environment and includes the WINE compatibility layer for running Windows applications.
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