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ravynOS is an operating system that aims to provide the freedom of FreeBSD with the finess of macOS.

What makes ravynOS Special

ravynOS is designed to run any FreeBSD ports and apps, Linux apps and some Darwin & macOS binaries.

The team is building native apps packaged as .app bundles. Those apps are guaranteed to work and fit at the perfection with the desktop.

Features present in macOS like clean design, global menus, and drag-and-drop installs are also implemented in ravynOS.

Latest news from ravynOS

We decided to abandon the current path of using X11/KDE desktop components and write from scratch a new UI that will align better with our goals. This stepping back will slow the project but ultimately should result in a better outcome. Thanks for your patience.

-- ravynOS, 2022-02-14


Latest Editions

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airyxOS Tanuki 0.3.0 (Beta release) (amd64)
airyxOS Tanuki 0.3.0 (Beta release) (amd64)
Released on: 2021-11-20
This version is for testing purposes only and not suitable for a day-to-day usage. ravynOS (a.k.a. airyxOS) is still in heavy development.
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