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FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator. It supports a variety of popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and is developed by skilled volunteers from around the world. It aims to create a sophisticated and open flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments, pilot training, as an industry engineering tool, for DIY-ers to pursue their favorite interesting flight simulation idea, and last but certainly not least as a fun, realistic, and challenging desktop flight simulator.

Visit FlightGear's Website for more information about the game.

Accurate World Scenery


  • Contains over 20,000 real world airports.
  • Their runways contains the correct placement, markings, and approach lighting.
  • Taxiways are available for many larger airports and it even includes the green center line lights when it's appropriate.
  • Runways il change elevation as they are in real life.
  • Directional airport lighting smoothly changes intensity as the relative viewing direction changes.
Image retrieved from FlightGear's website on February 19th, 2021.


  • Accurate terrain and scenery worldwide fits on 4 Blu-ray + 1 DVD disks (HD Quality) , 3 DVDs (SD Quality) . It's based on the most recent release of the SRTM terrain data which contains a resolution of 3 arc seconds (90 meters) for most of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Each map file is a 10x10 (latitude/longitude) section of the world.
  • The scenery includes elements like lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.
  • Night scenery lighting and ground lighting are concentrated in urban areas and headlights are visible on major highways. This allows for realistic night flying, the ability to spot cities and towns and follow roads.
  • Scenery tiles are paged (loaded before you can see them, unloaded after you can't see them) in a separate thread to minimize the impact on the frame rate when you need to load new areas.
  • TerraSync is a feature implemented inside FlightGear that uses the current virtual position to download the most up-to-date scenery version available. Their wiki explains this in more detail and how to launch and run TerraSync.
Image retrieved from FlightGear's website on February 19th, 2021.

Detailed Sky

FlightGear can use the current computer clock time in order to correctly animate the sky's time of the day.

  • The sun, moon, stars are placed correctly into the sky based on the time of the day and the position on the Earth. They will also follow their correct course during the time spent in the simulator. For example, if it's night time in France right now, then the user will fly at night when she/he position itself in the virtual France.
  • FlightGear takes into account the seasonal effects. For example, there are 24 hour days north of the arctic circle during summer.

Aircraft Selection

FlightGear possesses a large aircraft variety. As of writing this page on February 19th, 2021. 535 aircraft models can be downloads and added to the simulator.

  • Models goes from the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing "ornithopters", 747 and A320, various military jets, helicopters, several light singles and everything in between.
  • FlightGear offers extremely smooth and fluid instrument animations that updates at the same rate as the "out-the-window" view updates.
  • Aircraft designers can build fully animated, fully operational, and fully interactive 3D cockpits which even update and displays correctly from the external chase plane views.
  • Instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly in FlightGear. The gyro drift is modeled correctly, the magnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces. It takes in consideration all the elements that makes flying hard in the real world and simulate them correctly in FlightGear.
  • System failures are also modeled correctly. For example, if the vacuum system fails, the HSI gyros will spin down slowly with a corresponding degradation.
Image retrieved from FlightGear's website on February 19th, 2021.

Moderate Hardware Requirements

It is possible to run FlightGear quite smoothly on a $500-1000 computer, but the more hardware being thrown at FlightGear the better it looks and runs


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