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Athena OS is a Linux Distribution based on Arch Linux design for pentesting users.

One of the strength of Athena OS is its customizability. It seamlessly integrates menus and more than 2800 pentesting tools.

What makes Athena OS Special

Quick Access Menus

The PenTOXIC Menu is organizes all the main security tools that may be needed to start a hacking activity. The menu is divided into two levels. The 1st contains several hacking categories, Firefox and Code OSS. The 2nd level consists of the hacking tools present in a category.

Use the following to launch the PenTOXIC menu: CTRL + SPACE

Displays an example of the PenTOXIC menu
Image retrieved from Athena OS' website on February 03th, 2023.

The PWNage Menu allows to quickly access the main hacking platforms for learning purposes and to join the main Discord InfoSec Communities. The first shell displays quick links to the main hacking platforms and the Discurity icon. The second shell (Discurity) lists all the Discord InfoSec servers and the Discord App.

Use the following to launch the PWNage menu: CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE

Displays an example of the PWNage menu
Image retrieved from Athena OS' website on February 03th, 2023.

Athena OS allows the user to play Hack The Box machines directly on your system in a quick and comfortable manner.

  • Connect & Disconnect to/from Hack The Box VPN servers
  • Play any active free machine
  • Play Starting Point machines
  • Play Retired machines
  • Reset the active machine
  • Stop any active machine
  • Submit a flag and write a review about the hacking experience
  • Access to the Hack The Box website in one click
Displays an example of the Hack The Box menu
Image retrieved from Athena OS' website on February 03th, 2023.


The BlackArch repository which contains 2800+ tools for penetration testers and security researchers, is installed by default on Athena OS. the Tools can be installed individually or in groups according to the categories they belong.

Black Arch banner

Stay Informed

Nist Feed is a tool that informs the users once a new CVE is published or gets updated by displaying popup notification.

Displays an example of the Nist Feed popup
Image retrieved from Athena OS' website on February 03th, 2023.


As the project grows up, the team has continuously been releasing new themes. The PenTOXIC menu will change according to the theme being used. See a few example bellow.

First theme example
Second theme example
Third theme example
Fourth theme example
Fifth theme example


New Feature: Hybrid Torrents

Hybrid torrents support the BitTorrent V1 and V2 protocol. Its support is not well spread out yet so we recommend that you still use v1 (aka the "torrent" column).

Official Edition

Parthenos Logo
Parthenos - 2023.02.20

Official Torrent created by FOSS Torrents in partnership with Athena OS' team.

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