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Linuxfx is a Brazilian Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It ships with an intuitive Cinnamon desktop user interface designed to facilitate migration of users from Windows.

It includes a video management system called Sentinela, a computer vision software with video analytics and software for access control (facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition), object detection, gender, age and mood detection.

Other features of the distribution include a new personal assistant, a WX theme for desktop and system applications, and compatibility with software written for Windows (.exe and .msi) through a Wine port.

What makes Linuxfx Special

The Linuxfx team has spent a lot of effort in tweaking a Linux distribution to look and feel like Window 10.

It comes with a personnal assistant called Helloa which allows you to control smart devices that are compatible with Google Assistant. You can even use your voice to execute commands and searches.

Linuxfx can run many thousands of windows application with the use of Wine, which is perfect if you still need to use a software that was not ported to Linux yet.

End of Support (2022-07-18)

After many complains from the community, we decided to stop supporting LinuxFX / WindowsFX as it's not officially open-source. Articles points that this distribution contains some spyware. They are also using assets that are identical (maybe stolen) from Microsoft's Windows 11.

If you are still interested in trying out this distribution, please visit their official website

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