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Teeworlds is a free, open-source sidescrolling multiplayer shooting game originally created by Swedish developer Magnus Auvinen and now maintained by the community. It features simple cartoon-themed graphics and physics and relies heavily on classic shooter weaponry and gameplay.

What makes Teeworlds Special

Teeworlds is a cross between a classic sprite-based shoot-em-up games coming from the arcade era and a modern-day first-person shooters. Games are played in a two-dimensional scrolling maps, but uses FPS-style keyboard controls for moving around, switching weapons and chatting between users. Users can also use grappling hook and double-jump mechanics for maneuvering around the map.

Teeworlds works as a client-server system. Its config file can be edited on the fly by the server administrator and automatically resync by the server once it's saved. This allows for interesting matches as the gravity, hook length, character speed, etc. can be changed on the fly.

Multiple players playing a game of Teeworlds
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The maps' landscape consists of grass, cave, winter, desert and jungle themes which will feature elements like spikes, pitfalls and non-hook-able elements.

Various game mode are available such as free-for-all, team death-match, timed, and more. Hearths and shields are scattered around the map and can be use by the player to health and increase its armor strength.

The user spawns with 10 hearts and two weapons (a hammer and a pistol). Other weapons, such as rocket launchers, shotgun and lasers, will spawn around the map with a limit of 10 ammo. The only power-up of the game is a katana, which transforms the Tee (ball-shaped character) into a ninja for 15 seconds and give it better damage dealing and quickness.

System Requirements

Desktop Edition

1.4 GHz Single Core
Internet Connection:
512 MiB
10 MB


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